Learning for a Lifetime

Our students have different goals for learning English. For some, they want to find a new job or get a better job. Some want to become a U.S. Citizen. For others, they want to improve their family life by getting more involved with their child’s schooling.

Take a look at some of their successes to see if you could picture yourself achieving these goals too.

​Tutors and students meet weekly for 90 minutes in public locations such as libraries, churches, or businesses. The office finds a schedule that works for everyone and allows students to still be involved with child care, work and home responsibilities while attending English classes.

Adults who have difficulty speaking, reading and writing English are eligible for this program. Students are "pre-tested" either orally or in writing to determine their learning level. Students of the same level are then matched with a tutor in small group classes. 

There is a $50 annual student tuition payment due after you are matched with your tutor.

​​​In weekly classes, tutors and students use Laubach workbooks and reading texts to improve a student’s ability to read, write and speak English. Classes are conducted by ProLiteracy trained tutors in English to give a student more experience with the English language.

 If you or someone you know could benefit from literacy education, download and print a copy of the registration form, and encourage them to contact Southwest Valley Literacy at 623-695-4321 or visit our
Avondale Office .