Meet  Our New Tutors

​June 2017

Congratulations to SVLA's newest group of Tutors.

Energy, enthusiasm, eagerness marks the spirit of this group. Welcome and good luck to you!

Ravi Laduu, Richard Hinkel, Margy Waddell, Rex Nelson, Susan Cheshier, Kathy Grant, Adrian Major,  Cynthia Crews, Bonita Nordstrom, Marcela Flores

Trainers: Susan Rudoy, Carole Kozilius

Behind every amazing student is an equally amazing tutor.  In the last year, Southwest Valley Literacy tutors provided 10,000 hours of tutoring to West Valley adults! Read about our tutors and see what motivates them to volunteer their time to help improve the lives of others. We hope to see your picture here soon.

September 2017

Congratulations to our September class of new SVLA tutors.

Please welcome Mary Lou Bailey, Donalda Johnson,
and Julie Ledya with their trainer Susan Rudoy. 

We have a long list of students waiting for these eager tutors. They are up for the challenge!

​April 2017

Bonanza!! 12 New Tutors for SVLA are certified, qualified and ready to teach English to our waiting students.

Welcome to this great "give back" opportunity. We wish you much success and fulfillment as you begin.

​Corrine Adams, Cindy Holmberg, Karen Tjernlund, Viva Henley, Jim Somerville, Gary Blandino, Chris Norris, Bill and Cathleen Schmonsees, Eric Paderi, Trisha Ruth, Kathy Pinnell