​Many people thinking about becoming a tutor have common questions about the program.

Do I need teaching experience?                  
No prior teaching experience is required.
Do I need to speak a foreign language?    
No, you do not need to speak any language other than English.

Is there a cost for the Training?                  
Yes, a $50 fee covers training, materials and post-certification coaching.
What is the time commitment?          
Tutors and students are asked to make a one year time commitment. Weekly classes are 90 minutes with an additional hour of pre-class tutor prep.
How large are the classes?                             
Student classes are 2 or 3 students. Training workshop classes are 10-12 people.
Where will I tutor?                                 
Any public meeting place such as a library, church or coffee shop.

How do I get my students?                               
Our office matches students and tutors based on a convenient day and time.
How do I know what to teach?         
Tutors use the Laubach Way to English – Teacher’s Manual to guide students through workbooks and readers.

New Tutor FAQs