Sandra Gains Citizenship
On May 7, 2010 Sandra was proudly sworn in as an American Citizen. Sandra is originally from Ecuador. She has lived in the United States for 15 years with her family. Her husband Galo, sons Galo and Lenin, and daughters Vanessa and Darlene are very proud of their Mom. Sandra has been a successful student in the Southwest Literacy Program since October of 2009. We asked Sandra to tell us about her decision to become an American citizen.

What motivated you to set your goal to become a US citizen?
* I wanted to become a citizen for my husband and my children.
 Did the SVLA Program help contribute to your achievement?
* Yes, because my teacher supported and encouraged me to do this.
 What was the most difficult part of working on your citizenship/?
* The most difficult thing was learning the history of the United States.
How did you feel on your day of Naturalization?
* I felt very excited and proud of myself.
 What would you tell someone who is considering going for their Citizenship?
* I would say that it is an experience that you could never forget.

The Naturalization ceremony was held in Phoenix US District Court where 100 persons from countries such as Venezuela, the Congo, India, Spain, Colombia Mexico and China were awarded their citizenship certification. It was a proud moment for the new citizens who worked so hard to achieve this goal, as well as the citizens who came to celebrate with them.
Southwest Literacy congratulates Sandra on her hard work and accomplishments and hopes that others in our program will pursue the goal of becoming citizens of the United States. Tutors are available to help any student who wants to do this.

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