​Luis  Gains Citizenship

Luis proudly became a U.S. citizen on May 9, 2014.  He came from Colombia to live here 10 years ago.  When he came to SVLA he had already studied and passed the history and government sections of the citizenship interview.  However, he did not pass the English interview part and it was rescheduled.  He was somewhat discouraged when he started studying with a tutor, Margot Treon. 

He studied diligently, learning new vocabulary, practicing conversation and answering and asking questions.  When he went to his English interview he was more confident and he passed!  He is continuing to study English at Southwest Valley Literacy.

​Empowering our students to listen, speak, read, and write English helps them succeed. Here are just a few of the many stories of what our amazing students have achieved. Their successes are what energize our tutors to continue their work.

Juan Carlos Citizenship

Southwest Valley Literacy Association is celebrating a heart-warming story of success for one of our students. Juan Carlos became a permanent resident and waited until eligible to apply for citizenship. Soon after he got his job at a dairy in the West Valley, he signed up for English classes with his tutor, Diane Rosztoczy, and has been a faithful attendee ever since. 

As Juan became more proficient in English he was promoted to a supervisory position at the dairy. He now has the responsibility for supervising 62 employees. His strong grasp of English enables him to not only communicate with employees in different languages but also to interact with vendors and service providers in English.

Juan studied diligently in class for his citizenship test. His hard work paid off big time. After he passed the citizenship test, his employer was so impressed with his dedication that they reimbursed all of his expenses to get his citizenship.  

To further celebrate his achievement, the dairy owners and his teachers were present at Juan’s citizenship ceremony in July 2017 at the Sandra Day O'Connor US Court House. Congratulations Juan! You are an inspiration to literacy students and tutors alike.

Celebrating Our Students' Success