Tutoring Support

The real fun begins once you’ve completed your training and received your tutoring
assignment. As you begin working with your students, there are many tools and
resources designed to support first-time tutors.

Training Materials: Upon certification you will receive Laubach teaching materials to
help design your weekly lesson plans. These time-tested and proven materials are a
tremendous resource for tutors like you.

Training Coach: When you begin your literacy journey, your tutor coach is available to
support you and answer your questions. Since many people are teaching literacy for the
first time, your coach can provide guidance and suggestions along the way.

Online Resources: Our tutors have found some amazing online resources that they
use regularly to jump start or supplement their lesson plans to keep things fresh for you
and your students.

Tutor Spotlight: Gain inspiration from reading about tutors who have made a difference
in their students’ lives and earned personal rewards along the way.Type your paragraph here.